Bika Ambon Medan (BAM)

Posted by Madam Lee on

Bika Ambon Cake, known as "Honey Comb Cake" is a traditional kueh from Indonesia originated from Medan. It is not known how the name Ambon used. Some said a housewife who stayed on Jalan Ambon accidentally poured Tuak or palm wine into the dough and created this cake.

Madam Lee Singapore is proudly bringing the most authentic and delicious "Bika Ambon" from our hometown, Medan. It is tender, chewy, fragrance & without added preservatives.

It is also one of the most sought after cake in Medan. People from overseas will usually buy boxes upon boxes & bring back to their home country as gifts & souvenirs. There is no place that you can find the most authentic perfectly baked Bika Ambon other than from Madam Lee in this beautiful Singapore.