About Us


Madam Lee, back then was Yulia, has been established since 1979 in Indonesia, Medan. It was started with a humble beginning by a talented Lee's family housewife, Madam Yuliana Go, who possess a great amount of passion and interest in baking and culinary skill. With her 40 over years of experiences in baking and culinary industry, there is no more doubt that Madam Lee always championing to deliver only the best products to their customers.

All our products & recipes have proven track record and tested through out many generations. Even after so many years, we have stand through and growing even more than ever.

Today, we are bringing our products all the way from Indonesia to Singapore: The First Lapis Roulade in Singapore. It is handmade, uniquely different from other lapis, made with the special spice concoction, rolled with layer of premium pineapple paste. No artificial flavouring or preservatives added, no pork or lard. 

It is the best & the most authentic Indonesian Kueh Lapis that you can find in the whole islandwide of Singapore. We only promise quality food over the quantities. Thank you for always supporting us!